What is a Designer Rug?

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What is a Designer Rug?

So often we see floor rugs advertised as “Designer Rugs”
What do the advertisers mean? Aren’t all rug patterns ” designed” by someone? How does a rug become a “Designer Rug”?
The term is primarily used to indicate that either the seller believes that the rug in question is likely to appeal to a Interior Designer who is preparing a brief for a client or that a qualified Interior Designer has had a hand in preparing the pattern and colour choices.
Unfortunately the term has been grossly overused and rugs of questionable quality and design merit are marketed as ” Designer Rugs”
Designer Rugs Rug DynamicsProfessional Interior Designers look a little deeper than a label and seek products that offer utility as well as suitable texture ,colour and design to their clients. They take into account the location proposed for the rug, the yarn type, pile height , its compatibility with surrounding furniture and its capacity to retain its appearance over many years.
In many cases they want the flexibility to custom size the rug and to influence the number of colours in the design.
Rug Dynamics Pty Ltd specialises in hand woven wool rugs that give Interior Designers the flexibility to individualise a rug to suit their client’s needs. Custom sizing and colour selection and placement are all possible within a wide choice of textures, all in practical felted New Zealand wool.
Start your search for a genuine ” Designer Rug ” at  www.rugdynamics .com.au


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