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Rugs Sunshine Coast Brisbane

Rugs – Designer  Rugs – Handwoven Rugs – Handwoven Wool Rugs.

The very best Rugs  Europe has to offer in texture, style and colour.

Every style is hand-picked to complement Australian design tastes.

What is a Designer Rug?

Designer RugsSo often we see floor rugs advertised as “Designer Rugs”
What do the advertisers mean? Aren’t all rug patterns ” designed” by someone? How does a rug become a “Designer Rug”?
The term is primarily used to indicate that either the seller believes that the rug in question is likely to appeal to a Interior Designer who is preparing a brief for a client or that a qualified Interior Designer has had a hand in preparing the pattern and colour choices.
Rug Dynamics Pty Ltd specialises in hand woven wool rugs that give Interior Designers the flexibility to individualise a rug to suit their client’s needs. Custom sizing and colour selection and placement are all possible within a wide choice of textures, all in practical felted New Zealand wool.
Start your search for a genuine ” Designer Rug ” at  www.rugdynamics

Custom sizing and personalising your rug.

Custom size rugsWork with a specialist supplier who can offer the home decorator a blank canvas in a multiplicity of designs, structures and textures in a handwoven rug.
The supplier will present a number of designs and a large bank of colours. The home decorator can then choose a design and nominate the colours and their placement within the design.
Because it is a bespoke product, the size options are flexible within the limits of the design. Many designs can be produced in widths up to four metres and to any length.
Delivery is usually within six weeks.
The best options for this service are handwoven, reversible rugs sourced in Morocco and produced in felted New Zealand wool.

What represents value in handwoven rugs?

When considering a handwoven rug to purchase, the natural tendency is to take it at face value – colour, design, texture, price, compatibility with existing furniture with which it will be paired.

It is not often that the buyer will stop to think what the rug will look like in five or ten years.
Handwoven rugsYet appearance retention is one of the best measures of value. If a rug’s appearance deteriorates quickly was it really good value?
How often have we seen a room setting featuring well-made sofas adorned by expensive cushions spoiled by a rug that looks as if it has seen better days?
The three major determining factors in a handwoven rug’s capacity to retain its appearance are the quality of the raw materials, the volume of yarn used and the skill of the weaver.
Wool is the traditional material for handwoven rugs. However, it is necessary to delve deeper when considering a wool rug.
The gold standard is pure New Zealand wool that has been felted to minimise shedding. Many rugs offered in furniture stores are promoted as wool yarn yet seem very moderately priced.
This may well be because the wool is locally sourced inferior yarn. In some cases, New Zealand wool is blended with inferior yarns to meet a price point.
The other determining factor in appearance retention is the skill of the weaver and the quality control procedures at the point of manufacture.
Much hand weaving is outsourced to small communities without adequate supervision.

In summary, it is wise to look beyond the initial price when considering a handwoven rug. Seek professional advice and insist on the three big determinants for a rug that will retain its appearance:- pure New Zealand felted wool, consistency in weaving and an abundance of yarn.
If you want further guidance, contact Rug Dynamics Pty Ltd or visit their website.

Why Choose Our Rugs.

  • For over 20 years Rug Dynamics has established a reputation for offering a comprehensive collection of high quality textural rugs
  • We are committed to ensure our customers are given the opportunity to make informed decisions about which product in our collection is most suitable for their environment
  • We offer an unequalled choice of widths and lengths. The interior design community can use the flexibility of the design process to personalize the end result through a wide choice of colours
  • Our rugs in most cases are reversible (the back is exactly the same as the front) and both sides can be used.
  • The end result of the selection of best available materials, the integrity of the weaving/hand knotting process and the quality control procedures ensures that our rugs retain their appearance for many years.
    Rug DynamicsWe would like the opportunity to assist you to find a practical and beautiful rug to match your decorating vision, colour palette and budget.
    To find out more please contact us.
    (07) 5437 6487
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