Salsa Tonga



Is a handwoven flat texture with a great artisan look. Part of the uniqueness of this rug is the fringe of 5 cm at each end of the rug and forms part of the overall length of the rug.

The “web” colour of SALSA TONGA is available in any of the state of the art colours from the SALSA colour palette but the fringe is always in colour 136. For a full selection of colours, see SALSA STONE.

Woven from pure new wool, this rug is particularly durable due to the felted woollen yarn and is fully reversible

Available in standard sizes and can be custom sized up to 400 cm width. Length is unlimited.

Popular standard sizes: 170 cm x 240 cm; 200 cm x 250 cm; 200 cm x 300 cm; 250 cm x 300 cm; 300 cm x 400 cm.

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