Rugs For The Living Room

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Rugs For The Living Room

Hand woven rugs from Rug Dynamics can tick a lot of boxes for discerning consumers.

Wall to wall carpet has all but disappeared from living rooms and family spaces in new and renovated homes.

Hand woven rugs from Rug DynamicsConsumers are increasingly turning to hard surfaces such as rigid plank, engineered woods and porcelain for their contemporary appearance and environmental advantages.
A well made hand woven rug is an attractive and practical addition to these spaces.
It can introduce an interesting texture to an otherwise plain surface. It can pick up colours in cushions and lamp shades and add warmth and comfort.

It’s important to invest wisely in a designer rug and that can mean spending a little time in researching the best option.

It is possible to choose from a large collection of textures. In most textures, colours can be adjusted (added or removed) from the extensive colour palette. Only high quality New Zealand wool is used to ensure ease of maintenance. The unique technique used to spin the wool ensures that it retains its appearance. Because the wool yarn is felted, the common problem of pilling often found in budget priced rugs is minimised.

To learn more about choosing an appropriate custom designer rug either in a standard size or custom sized for your lounge and living spaces, go to or call 07 5437 6487

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