Custom sizing and personalising your rug

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Custom sizing and personalising your rug

For many home decorators the lack of opportunity to make a statement by personalising a room with a bespoke object without spending a small fortune is frustrating. Furniture and home wares are by and large mass produced and lack individuality.
An area in which a home decorator can have a significant input into the number of colours and their relationship to one another is in custom made hand woven rugs.
Off the rack rugs in floorcovering retailers and furniture shops are mostly sourced overseas and the colour combinations on offer do not necessarily suit our decorating style. A rug may have a number of colours pleasing to the home decorator but spoiling the whole effect is a jarring colour that should never have been included.

The solution is to work with a specialist supplier who can offer the home decorator a blank canvas in a multiplicity of designs, structures and textures in a handwoven rug.
The supplier will present a number of designs and a large bank of colours. The home decorator can then choose a design and nominate the colours and their placement within the design.
Because it is a bespoke product, the size options are flexible within the limits of the design. Many designs can be produced in widths up to four metres and to any length.
Delivery is usually within six weeks.
The best options for this service are handwoven, reversible rugs sourced in Morocco and produced in felted New Zealand wool.

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