Custom Rugs Are In Demand

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Custom Rugs Are In Demand

Stockists in the retail sector are facing an increasing demand for Custom Rugs.

Consumers want a rug size that complements their placement of sofas in a living space and one that allows all chairs around a dining table to be sitting on the rug.
Standard sizes in designer rugs become the determining factor and it need not be the case.

Hand woven Custom Rugs offer greater flexibility if the producer offers the opportunity for a consumer to nominate an off standard size. There is generally a tolerance of +/- 3% because the rug is woven by hand. However, good weavers working on a suitable loom and using good quality wool that has been spun correctly can achieve a high degree of accuracy in size.

At Rug Dynamics, our luxury rugs are produced using high quality New Zealand felted wool that is incredibly stable. The result is that every rug is within tolerance.
Not only is size flexibility a feature of custom rugs from Rug Dynamics, in many textures the consumer can play with colour combinations to ensure the rug fully complements its surroundings and an unnecessary or jarring colour doesn’t detract from the appearance.

For more information on how you can source a custom size rug, go to our website, or call us on 07 5437 6487.

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