Custom Made Rugs

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Custom Made Rugs

What makes our custom made rugs the most sought after in Brisbane?

Rug Dynamics custom services allow us the ability to offer our clients modern and contemporary rugs that are specific to their needs.

Choose the material and texture that will suit your home décor best, and ensure you get the most value for money.

We are based at;

Sunshine Coast Queensland,


(07) 5437 6487
Mobile: 0419 664 401

We provide a speedy turnaround from order to delivery.

Rugs Rug DynamicsWe have an unequalled choice of widths and lengths.
The interior design community can use the flexibility of the design process to personalize the end result through a wide choice of colours.

Our rugs are a great Investment and excellent solution for your Home.

This is a great opportunity to buy  a custom made Rug from Rug Dynamics at economical prices.

A comprehensive selection of high quality, modern rugs.



  • Sourced from four of Europe’s leading manufacturers.
  • Wide selection of textures.
  • Handwoven,
  • Handknotted.
  • Handtufted rugs.
  • Range of options and colours.

custom made rugsCall  us and discover our full range of  much loved handwoven, handknotted and handtufted rugs.

The end result of the selection of best available materials, the integrity of the weaving/hand knotting process and the quality control procedures ensure that our rugs have appearance retention for many years.

Without these disciplines, the lifespan and appearance of the rug can be compromised leaving the end user wishing they had spent a little more money and conducted a little more research before committing to your purchase.