Choosing the right style and size rug for your room

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Choosing the right style and size rug for your room

Walking into a rug showroom can be a daunting experience. So many styles, colours and textures are on display.
It is seldom difficult to make a choice with colour and design as the criteria. But is the rug the correct size, texture and height to suit your particular purpose?
Here are some tips:
Be sure to check your sizes before leaving home. Place every chair in the position required to sit comfortably. The rug should be long enough and wide enough to accommodate all chairs in this position.
Avoid thick piled rugs under dining room tables. The chair and table legs leave ugly indentations and vacating the chairs to leave the table can be difficult.
A good choice is a low pile, handwoven wool rug from Morocco. Many of these rugs are reversible, both sides being identical because of the weaving technique. Look for rugs made of New Zealand wool, preferably felted. The felting process inhibits shedding.


A common question asked by rug buyers is whether the rug should extend under the legs of the sofas or if a border of the floor should show.
There is no correct answer and it is a matter of personal preference.
If the floor is a handsome timber species, showing a border can enhance the appearance of the rug.
Another stylish look is to select a large rug that accommodates all sofas and chairs. This is particularly effective in a spacious room. Finding the right size rug is the key as stockists rarely keep sizes over 250cm x 350 cm .
The solution is to seek a supplier who offers custom sizes on a timely delivery cycle. Hand woven wool rugs are a good option. For example Rug Dynamics Pty Ltd can supply hand woven rugs up to five metres in width and to any length in a variety of textures and colours, usually within six weeks from placement of order.

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