To Rug or Not to Rug?

To Rug or Not to Rug?

Whether it’s a carpeted or hard wood floor, the decision to deck your space out with a rug is one that is based on a variety of factors. And while rugs aren’t necessarily a compulsory addition to any room, there are more benefits to having them than not having them.

At Rug Dynamics, we’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons why people decide not to have rugs — and why they’re wrong!

Myth #1: Cleaning and maintaining rugs is more hassle than it’s worth

Some people choose not to have rugs because they are worried about them getting dirty, especially in rooms that receive a high amount of foot traffic such as living rooms or from being stained from accidental spillages. While accidents have an unfortunate way of happening no matter how hard we try to avoid them, the same goes for carpets as well — and in fact, rugs can offer carpet protection against stains and spills. Rugs are much easier and cheaper to clean and maintain than carpets.

For hard wood floors, rugs in the doorway ensure that people wipe their feet before entering, ensuring that they don’t track mud into the room. Not only does this keep the floors cleaner, it also means that there’s less chance of people slipping and falling over.

Of course, the simple solution to all of this is to make sure everybody takes off their shoes at the front door!

Myth #2: Rugs don’t add any aesthetic value

Another argument against rugs comes from an interior design angle. People say that rugs that cover up the floor ruin the aesthetics of the space, and prefer to keep their floors uncovered. However, the problem is simply that these people aren’t looking at the right rugs. A rug with a pattern and colour that matches the rest of the room will always add an extra layer of class and sophistication, not to mention making the space look less barren as a result of empty stretches of nothing but the same carpet or hard wood. In contrast, a warm gives your space a more homely, cosy feeling.

Still not convinced?

At Rug Dynamics, we offer a wide range of rugs in a variety of styles and patterns, suitable for all spaces. But don’t just take our word for it — visit our gallery to see for yourself!

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