Finding Your Perfect Rug

Finding Your Perfect Rug

Choosing a new rug for your home is no small decision. This one interior design choice could completely alter the look of your space, either elevating the room or falling flat. Take the time to consider your options carefully before you take the plunge and invest in a new rug – the right choice will go a long way to giving you the gorgeous home you’ve been dreaming of.

Consider Sizing

The first and most basic thing to take into consideration when shopping for a new rug or carpeting feature will be the size of the floor space you’re hoping to cover. The right rug size will completely depend on your own personal taste, as well as the room that you’re planning to place the rug in. For example, a dining room will usually require a large enough rug to fit your dining room table and chair set over, while the size of the rug in your living room can vary depending on your seating arrangement and personal style.

A larger rug can often create a more comfortable, warm feel in your home, while smaller rugs can be useful in defining separate areas in one spacious room. Many interior design experts recommend leaving a minimum of one foot bare between the rug and wall in most rooms, but there are, of course, no real rules when it comes to your own home. Follow your own innate sense of style and go for what feels right to you.

Decide On A Budget

The budget you have to work with will make a substantial impact on your rug-shopping experience, so get a clear figure in mind before you begin looking at the options available. A more expensive rug will often have more longevity than a cheaper material rug, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your entire bank balance to get a great piece for your home.

There are plenty of material options available at every price point, and you can always ask for advice from the experts at Rug Dynamics if you need help finding the best solution for your budget.

Pinpoint Your Style

After size and budget are set in stone, you’ll be free to focus on the fun part of interior décor shopping: finding the perfect piece that complements your personal aesthetic. You may be looking for a bold, colourful rug that makes a big statement at the centre of your room, or you could opt for an earthy neutral toned wool rug that adds a comfortable vibe to your space. It’s entirely up to you. Explore our material options and the many different collections available until you find the look that speaks to you.

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